Explore the French markets with giO media

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11 January 2016

During the year of 2015, we were able to sign additional exclusive media representation agreements for the Middle East region. With this in mind, giO media is now able to offer our clients even more commercial advertising opportunities throughout leading media channels globally, be it print, TV, radio or digital media.

2016 promises to be a big year for advertisers targeting the French markets. As the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament will take place all over France this summer, along with many other important events throughout the year, we offer you the chance to brand your company, service or product in a most striking and cost effective way! Find below a selection of our portfolio:

Paris Match: One of France’s leading weekly magazines. It covers major national and international news along with celebrity lifestyle features. Also available online
L’Équipe: A French nationwide daily newspaper devoted to sports. The paper is noted for coverage of football, rugby, motorsports and cycling. Also available through magazine, online and smart tablets
Le Parisien: Another French daily newspaper covering both international and national news, and local news of Paris and its suburbs. Also available through magazine, special reports, online and smart tablets/phones
Air France Magazine & Air France Madame: Distributed free of charge on board Air France aircrafts and in Air France lounges worldwide. Available in English and French, the 2 publications have more than 1.7 million readers. Also available through smart tablets and apps.
Elle (France):Founded in 1945, Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle is also the world's best-selling fashion magazine and also available online.
Femme Actuelle: A French language weekly women's magazine published in Paris, France. It has British and Spanish editions. Also available online
Gala (France): Representing a community of 8.2 million audiences per month (print + web + mobile), innovative editorial experiences Gala Beauty, Gala Croisette and improved tablet app…, or actions during events where fashion and movies are under the spotlights. Also available online or in other markets, including Germany.
Capital (France): Serious as a business magazine has to be and as captivating as a magazine can be. The magazine diversity relies on more than 50 topics per issue on very different topics: reports on the French and International economy, revelations on industry and finance behind-the- scene-issues.
Management: A magazine for all managers. It gives them advice on personal self-development and how to manage their careers. This dual approach makes Management unique. Its purposes are to help people to be successful, study in-depth company’s current issues, give ideas for individual fulfillment, etc. Also available online
Geo (France): Much more than a travel magazine. The passion for other places does not only refer to exotic destinations. The evolution of our lifestyles, our environment, the world political and economic issues or even the major scientific discoveries are subjects that attract our thirst for knowledge. Also available online.
National Geographic: Every month, National Geographic France leads its readers towards unique adventures with a range of topics from archaeology and ancient civilizations to wonders of nature, flowers, animals and also ethnography. Also available online.
Discovery Channel (France): The French version of the Discovery Channel Network. The channel launched on September 1, 2004. Until then, France had been the only region in Western Europe not reached by the Discovery Channel. It initially reached 3.2 million subscribers via the CanalSat platform. On March 31, 2009, the channel adopted the new Discovery Channel logo and look.
National Geographic France: The channel airs non-fiction television programs produced by National Geographic and other production companies. Same like other countries, National Geographic France features documentaries with factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history, plus some reality and pseudo-scientific entertainment programming. Its primary sister network worldwide, including France, is Nat Geo Wild Nat Geo Wild
Eurosport (France): Eurosport owns a wide range of rights across many sports but generally does not bid for premium priced rights such as those to major football leagues. However, in 2015 it was awarded rights to broadcast the Olympic Games from 2018 for most of Europe and 2022 for the UK and France in a deal worth €1.3 billion. giO media sells for both Eurosport TV and online (France only).
BFMTV/Radio: As the country's most-watched news network with 10 million daily viewers, BFMTV "boasts a market share in France that is greater than any equivalent news channel around the world". Its economic coverage is "clearly pro-business, pro-reform, and anti the old consensus", which is noteworthy because in France. Also available online and via radio
RTL9: Originally from Luxembourg, RTL9 is shown internationally to viewers in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and francophone Switzerland. It is part of the large RTL Group, offering many television stations in Europe, including Germany and France.
Virgin Radio (France): a French network of FM radio stations dedicated to Rock and Pop music, operating on 250 different frequencies across France. Its musical programming is closely related to the American Hot Adult Contemporary format. The network was known as Europe 2.