Why inflight media advertising?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10 February 2016

Inflight advertising is one of the best ways to advertise to people because flight passengers are a captive audience and cannot just get up and walk away. Some of the ads are highly technological touch screens or other interactive ads and others are very basic, such as the inflight magazine of a napkin a passenger receives when they request a drink.

  According to American airline US Airways, onboard advertising brings in about $20 million a year. Advertisers want to use inflight media because they can target specific audiences and reach millions of people on thousands of flights everyday. Since there is not much else to look at on a flight, passengers also remember the in flight ads very well and can recall most their content. In addition, Inflight ads also help airlines cut costs on ticket prices. Media portal Advertising Age recently reported that "airlines have boosted inflight entertainment as a means to create revenue to help avoid some of the fees they might otherwise have to charge their passengers in a troubled travel economy."

Airlines walk a fine line with inflight advertising. No airline wants to upset their passengers, so they have to find the perfect balance of advertising; they need enough advertising to keep their prices down, but not too much that it makes customers angry. According to Brian Martin, Chief Executive of Brand Connections, "the best on board ads, he said, provide relevant information or fun diversions for passengers.

Air Arabia, plane wrapping and on board advertising: Air Arabia is currently the only Middle East carrier offering a wide variety of ambient advertising, such as plane wrapping, seatback advertising, overhead locker advertising and much more. Contact us today for more information!
Air France Magazine & Air France Madame: Distributed free of charge on board Air France aircrafts and in Air France lounges worldwide. Available in English and French, the 2 publications have more than 1.7 million readers. Also available through smart tablets and apps.
Chinese airlines: giO media Middle East exclusively handles the commercial advertising within the magazines on board Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Airlines and Air Hong Kong.
KLM Holland Herald: The inflight magazine is published monthly with a reach of 2.3 million passengers per edition. The airline flies to more Middle East destinations than any other European airline and carries passengers from all over Europe, Americas and vice versa from the Middle East. Holland Herald is published in English and has won several international prices for its content and lay-out.
Lufthansa Magazin & Inflight TV: The inflight media opportunities on board Europe’s largest airline, German carrier Lufthansa, will let you reach over 4.5 million passengers per month. The magazine offers a wide variety of (in-depth) tourism and shopping articles and is published in both German- and English languages. The on board IFE has a variety of packages that fulfill the needs of your client.
Qantas Magazine & Inflight TV: As a partner of Emirates, Qantas now flies 4 times daily from Australia into Dubai and therefore became the most frequent non-Middle Eastern airline flying into the UAE. Last year, giO media Middle East became an exclusive media representative for the airline’s inflight magazine- and television channels.

As a media representation house, giO media has extended its (exclusive) portfolio to many well-known communication portals outside inflight- and therefore enabled us to offer you a wide variety of media opportunities per country, be it print, television, digital or ambient media.

Nevertheless, we also continue our role as leading inflight media specialist in the Middle East and share the latest advertising opportunities that could benefit your marketing strategy. You might wonder what happens if we don’t represent the title? Don’t worry, we’re more than happy to share with you which other colleague rep handles the inflight media you are looking for! In the end, it is all about establishing a long-term business relationship between your company and us.

For our complete media representation portfolio, rates and (in)dependant researches, please contact our giO media sales representatives